Northcote District Meet Up

If you live in or near the Northcote District (Alphington, Fairfield, Northcote and Thornbury. Part of Preston) and are looking to get involved with the Victorian Socialists, come to this casual meet and greet. 

You'll get to chat to local activists, potentially local candidates, and coordinators for the Northcote district of Victorian Socialists.

Victorian Socialists Northcote district vollies are busy campaigning at local shopping strips, markets and train stations around the need to re-nationalise public transport, for an expansion not destruction of public housing, caps on rent and to take on corporate and developer greed.

We're planning to letter box the whole district, door knock key areas, staff the pre-polling and polling booths in the local district.

Please join us for a drink and a chat about how to best fight for the issues that concern you in the upcoming Victorian State Election.

Will you come?