Meet Aran

We are proud to introduce our senate candidate Aran Mylvaganam – a long term refugee rights campaigner, and anti-racism and union activist. Follow Aran Mylvaganam for the Senate to keep up to date with his campaign.

Aran came to Australia as an unaccompanied child refugee from Sri Lanka. After fleeing an ongoing Tamil genocide, he was placed in detention by the Australian government. He has since dedicated his life to fighting back against all forms of oppression and injustice.

“I have first-hand experience of how politicians destroy refugee lives while using our plight to divide working people – to keep us all poorer so that those at the top can grow richer,” Aran said.

“More than a decade ago, I was elected as a union delegate for call centre workers in the finance sector. I organised collective actions to ensure we had better conditions. For the last ten years, I have worked as a union organiser, helping workers to fight against bosses who have been systematically undermining the conditions fought for and won by previous generations of unionists.”

“In 2011, I founded the Tamil Refugee Council. We have campaigned against mandatory and indefinite detention and for a humane refugee policy. I spoke at the United Nations Human Rights Council about the abuses taking place in Sri Lanka, the country from which I fled, and criticised Australia for aiding the genocide of Tamils. Over the last three years, alongside the people of Biloela, I have been campaigning for the freedom of the Muruguppan family.”

Aran has a track record of standing up to the powerful and on the side of the working class. There is no one better to represent Victorian Socialists and shake up Australian politics.