Central Campaign Events

  • Last big doorknock - Melbourne, Richmond, Brunswick

    • Sunday, November 18, 2018 at 12:00 PM
    • Nicholson St & Park St, North Fitzroy

    Join the Victorian Socialists for our last big door-knock before the 24th Nov election. We're meeting on the corner of Nicholson and Park St, North Fitzroy which borders the Brunswick, Melbourne and Richmond district. It's the trifecta!

    We've had a great reception on the doors but we don't have the big $$ that the major parties have to communicate with voters. The more conversations we can have with residents on the doors about what we stand for, the more votes we will get come election day.

    After the doorknock at 4:30pm we'll be holding a polling booth captain briefing. Everyone who is helping on the booths is also welcome to attend if you want some information about how to campaign, the electoral rules etc.

    For more info, callLiz 0405 736 265

  • Help Victorian Socialists on election day!

    • Saturday, November 24, 2018 at 08:00 AM
    • Northern Metropolitan Region


    The campaign to elect a socialist to the Victorian Parliament is ambitious, but if we pull it off, it will be an important breakthrough for the left in Victoria.

    Saturday November 24th is election day. We need to staff 175 polling booths across the Northern Metropolitan region. To do it properly we need 1,000 volunteers to hand out ‘How to Vote’ cards . A Victorian Socialists presence at every booth will be crucial. 

    Will you help? Sign up to help on polling day! Fill out the google form:


    It’s time there was a voice in the Victorian parliament who will really represent working class people and take the fight up to the political establishment. Let's make it happen!

    Call Liz Walsh 0405 736 265

  • Victorian Socialists Election Night Party!

    • Saturday, November 24, 2018 at 06:30 PM
    • Yarra Hotel, 295 Johnston St, Abbotsford.

    Victorian Socialists Election Night Party will be held at the Yarra Hotel, 295 Johnston St, Abbotsford.

    Hundreds of socialists, trade unionists and community activists have gotten behind this project to elect the first socialist parliamentarian in 70 years. It's been the largest socialist electoral campaign for decades.

    Win or lose (and we're unlikely to know the Upper House results on the night) join us for a well deserved drink after a day on the polling booths and months of political campaigning.

    Come and celebrate the incredible effort of every single Victorian Socialists volunteer and to discuss the early results trickling in from the Northern Metro, Western Region and more broadly the results across the state.

    For more info, call Liz Walsh 0405 736 265