CFMEU vindicated, say Victorian Socialists

"Today’s legal win for the CFMEU marks the best 7 days for the trade union movement for many years” said Victorian Socialists leader and rank and file CFMEU member Stephen Jolly.

“Last Wednesday saw the biggest union rally in decades, today’s devastating legal win puts the ABCC and anti-union companies like Boral on the backfoot.”

“It vindicates the CFMEU who have argued all along that they've been the subject of a political witch hunt and a conspiracy.”

The Victorian Socialists call on the Federal Labor Party to pledge now that, if elected, it will scrap the ABCC and rewrite industrial legislation to permit strikes and secondary boycotts/solidarity action as a basic human right.

In Victoria, Labor should cease giving government contracts to anti-union companies and encourage trade unionism in its state government departments.

“Labor must stop using unions as an ATM and a well of volunteers at election time, then, once in power, ignore their base,” Jolly concluded.