Steven Chang

I’m a socialist, librarian, and staunch unionist. I've lived and worked in Darebin for years, and I've always been appalled by the deep inequalities here, despite how much this wonderful part of Melbourne has to offer. Why are we being slugged with a 2% rate rise when so many of us are mired in uncertainty, hardship, and unemployment? People should come before profit.

Now more than ever, we need councillors who will stand up and fight for our communities instead of taking them for granted. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed how many people our society leaves behind. Homelessness is a cruel scar on our community.

As a union activist at La Trobe University, I have played a key role in leading a grassroots Fightback movement against attacks on the wages and conditions of higher education workers. This has given me the experience in collective organising needed to defend the rights and wellbeing of people in Darebin.

I'm passionate about social justice and have been actively involved in campaigns for refugee rights, Black Lives Matter, and the successful 13-year battle to win same-sex marriage rights. I will bring these deeply-held principles and experiences to Darebin Council to ensure that it campaigns for ordinary people.

I joined Victorian Socialists at its inception because I oppose the domination of powerful politicians and the rich at the expense of workers and marginalised communities. Things must radically change if we are to empower our communities to build sustainable lives on the planet together.

I will stand up for:

  1. defending our Preston Market from greedy developers,
  2. full rate relief for recipients of JobKeeper/JobSeeker, low-waged workers, and others affected by COVID-19,
  3. massively expanding affordable housing,
  4. opposing privatisation of aged care services,
  5. freeing the 65 refugees imprisoned in Bell Street's Mantra Hotel.