Roz Ward

Our council is not doing enough to support the people in our community who need it the most. Those who are exploited in unsafe work environments, people out of work, older people and young families are being hit hardest by the economic and health impacts of the pandemic. We can and should stand up for people before profit right here in Darebin. 

Darebin should lead the way in providing the highest living standards for workers, students, migrants, and older people. Darebin must be a place where racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia are always challenged. We want more playgrounds, gardens, and green spaces to make Darebin a better place to live for everyone.

Our council spends too much time pandering to property developers, corporate greed, and the factional interests of Labour and the Greens. Instead of raising rates across the board, there should be significantly more relief for households in financial stress. We also need serious investment in childcare and other services that are essential for working people. I oppose all moves to relocate or diminish the Preston Market to pander to corporate greed. I will fight to protect and extend publicly owned facilities for older people and people with disabilities, create more green spaces, stop the sell offs of public land, and advocate for better connected and more frequent public transport in the area. We desperately need more and better public housing in Darebin and we should easily be able to end homelessness.

As co-founder of Safe Schools Coalition, an initiative to promote LGBTI+ inclusion in schools, I was personally attacked in a Murdoch media led conservative political backlash and became a target of the far right. I know what it means to create change and stand up to those in power. I am fighting in my workplace to stop job cuts and casualisation. I am not interested in becoming a career politician.

The Victorian Socialists believe that we need to put people before profit, and this includes in our local councils. Let’s run our society for ourselves instead of for big business and their politician mates!