Donate to Aran's campaign

I’m asking for your support to make this campaign the best it can be.
Let’s fight together. For workers’ rights, for refugee rights, for the desperately-needed increase in funding for hospitals, for workplace safety during this terrible pandemic, for real action on climate change and so much more.
Across Australia over the last ten years, life has often become harder, not easier. Poorer, not richer. Governments, both Labor and Liberal, have run the country for the rich. Often, they’ve used racism to divide and rule. As a result, all of us — refugees, migrant workers on temporary visas, and Australian workers — are worse off.
We need a country that works for everyone. A society that puts people before profits.
As a union organiser and as a refugee advocate, I’ve been fighting to turn the situation around. And that’s what my Senate campaign will be all about: standing with everyone who is being left behind.

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