Election Day

On election day - Saturday 21 May - the Victorian Socialists is aiming to cover more than 300 booths across Melbourne's northern and western suburbs with volunteers talking to voters and handing out our 'how to vote' cards. If you think you might be able to spare some time to help with this, just fill out the online form here.

It's common practice these days for the major parties, and for smaller parties with deep pockets, to pay labour contractors to organise this for them. Victorian Socialists has neither the money, nor the inclination to do this - we're a proudly people-powered campaign that depends on the energy and commitment of those who agree with our vision of a more equal, just and sustainable society.

Each booth will have a 'booth captain' allocated - someone who will be responsible for bringing material, briefing volunteers, and keeping everything running smoothly. Don't worry if you've never done something like this before, or you feel that people might have questions you aren't confident to answer - there will always be other Victorian Socialists volunteers around to help! And it's fine too if you can only make it for a couple of hours - it'll give someone else who might be on there all day a chance to have a break.
Afterwards, join us to celebrate this massive effort at our volunteers’ election night party, from 6pm at Thornbury Bowls Club.