Jerome Small is the candidate for Calwell. He has been a construction worker for two decades and he's been a trade unionist activist for his whole working life. He is a long time anti-war and anti-racism campaigner. In the 1980s he led student walk-outs against the nuclear industry & US bases and in the late 1990s he was a leader of the protest movement against Pauline Hanson.



Kathleen Larkin is the candidate for Cooper. She is a rank and file leader with the Rail, Tram and Bus Union. In 2015 she helped organise the first strike in rail in 18 years and from 2014-2017 she was the RTBU Women's Officer to give women a stronger voice in the industry. Today she is active with Unionists for Refugees. Kath has lived in the Cooper electorate for most of her life. She attended Northcote High and today lives in Preston.



Sue Bolton is the candidate for Wills. She's been a socialist councillor on the Moreland City Council since 2012. She has a strong record of standing up for her community against greedy developers and to demand action on the toxic waste dumps that scar the northern suburbs. Sue initiated the campaign for more trains on the Upfield Line. She also has a proud record of standing with Aboriginal people. In 2017 she was central to the push to cancel celebrations of Australia Day (Invasion Day) in Moreland.