Federal election 2021

Socialists gear up for federal election campaign

The next federal election is coming up - quite possibly in the second half of this year.

It will take place in the context of the ongoing global pandemic, rising inequality in Australia, and the climate emergency. 

Without fundamental, radical change, a restructuring of our whole society that takes power from the billionaire class and puts control over our future in the hands of our whole society, the coming years will get grimmer and grimmer.

The major parties have no plans to do anything to address climate change, or to fix the deep fissures in our society that the pandemic exposed.

In this election, we want to put forward a transformative socialist agenda. 

We know there are huge numbers of people out there looking for or open to a socialist challenge to the status quo, and we are going to do everything we can to reach them and get our arguments into the debate.

That’s why Victorian Socialists is planning a significantly expanded campaign for this election. We will be running for the Senate, and in 11 lower house seats across the whole north and west of Melbourne.


If you aren’t a financial member, SIGN UP NOW and you can participate.

During the campaign, we will need an army of volunteers to get our message out. You can get involved in planning this campaign right now, through our Membership and Activity Committee.

And we need donations. The scale of this campaign is more ambitious than anything we have done before. We rely on our supporters to fund it. You can DONATE TODAY to help kickstart our fundraising efforts. Every dollar we get will make a difference to how much we can publicise this campaign.