Hamid Khazaei should still be alive

Refugee Hamid Khazaei would still be alive if the Australian Border Force officials had followed requests by doctors to have Hamid transferred to Australia for medical treatment. These are the findings of the Queensland Coroners Court.


In September 2014, Hamid contracted a leg infection at the Manus Island detention centre. Border Force officials repeatedly refused requests b doctors to have Hamid flown to Australia for medical treatment. By the time that Hamid was eventually flown to Brisbane, he was in an extreme state and died shortly after arriving.

Deliberate ignoring of medical advice leading to death, should mean that manslaughter charges are brought against the minister and the senior department officials who gave the orders to ignore medical advice.

Hamid isn’t he only refugee who has died as a result of Border Force officials ignoring medical advice. The camps on Manus and Nauru must be immediately be closed down and all of the refugees and asylum seekers immediately brought to Australia.