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On election day - Saturday 21 May - the Victorian Socialists is aiming to cover more than 300 booths across Melbourne's northern and western suburbs with volunteers talking to voters and handing out our 'how to vote' cards.

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Federal Election platform

Our policies are about taking on the political and economic elite and fighting to unite the rest of us in the struggle for a different society - a socialist society defined by genuine democratic control of the economy, equality, and social justice - where we can organise together to save our planet and reclaim our future. Can you help?

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Refugees join the campaign

The major parties have long steered clear of refugee communities. The Victorian Socialists are different.

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Wear your politics on your sleeve!

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Jerome Small for Calwell

Read more in Turkish: Jerome Small ve Viktoryalı Sosyalistler, daha iyi iş, hizmet ve barınma hakkı için çalışacak.

Read more in Arabic: جیروم سمول و حزب فیكتوریا الاشتراكي سوف یقاتلان من أجل تحقیق فرص عمل أفضل، خدمات حكومیة أفضل و سكن أفضل.

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Budget response

The biggest elephant in the room is wages. This is a government that has presided over the biggest fall in real wages in Australia in a generation. Before the pandemic, wages were flat. Now, they’re in free-fall.

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