Chris Giddings

I'm running as the Victorian Socialists council candidate for the Meadow Valley Ward in Hume because I want to be a voice for community activist campaigns and take a stand for crucial local concerns as well as bigger picture issues. I’m a front-line healthcare worker and a socialist activist and some of the things I’m passionate about are ending mandatory detention and welcoming refugees, defending the rights of workers, fighting for a free Palestine, keeping the increased JobSeeker rates and lifting all social welfare and pensions above the poverty line.

In Hume, dangerous workplace conditions are responsible for fires that spew toxic smoke and put workers' lives in danger. We need activists who are willing to fight for safe workplaces, and who can stand up to the politicians’ attacks on education and healthcare and their racist scapegoating of migrants.

Hume is one of the safest Labor strongholds in the country, and the ALP takes it for granted. Ordinary people urgently need increased public services and better living standards, but areas like Hume are consistently neglected. We need to get rid of politics as usual!

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