Jerome's bio

Jerome is a lifelong socialist, trade union activist, and tireless fighter for a better world.

Jerome has a proven track record as an activist spanning three decades. “As a lifelong unionist, I’ve been active in building union strength wherever I’ve worked, most recently in the construction industry”, he says.

“I’ve spent my whole adult life building protest movements. As a teenager I helped organise high school walkouts against US bases and against uranium mining – a movement that helped to limit this toxic industry in Australia. I’ve been heavily involved in environmental and land rights campaigns like the successful campaign against the Jabiluka uranium mine in the 1990s, and more recently in civil disobedience protests at corporate mining conferences, as part of the climate movement.”

“I’ve been active in campaigns against racism, including the protests that slowed Pauline Hanson’s rise as a racist force in the 1990s, and more recent protests that prevented fascist thugs from marching unhindered through Melbourne’s streets in recent years.”

Jerome first ran as a candidate for Victorian Socialists in the state electorate of Broadmeadows in 2018, and gained more than 7 percent of the vote in an area that has long been neglected by Labor and largely ignored by the Greens. Jerome then ran as our candidate for Calwell in the 2019 federal election. In a crowded field of eight candidates he came fourth, after Labor, Liberal and the Greens, with over 4 percent of the vote.

“We’re serious about re-establishing socialism as a political force in the northern suburbs”, Jerome says, “and I’m really looking forward to the next campaign. I’ll be bringing a socialist message of resistance against the rich and powerful, and of solidarity among the working class and oppressed.”

Jerome is exactly the kind of candidate we want to represent Victorian Socialists in the upcoming election.