Jorge Jorquera

I am excited about the prospect of raising an alternative voice in our local community. As far as I am concerned local government should be about building community and promoting the solidarity and spirit that the West is known for.

The times we are living have forced us to reflect on the future we're building. I don't want my children, or theirs, to inherit a world where we blame the victims of greed for the issues the greedy have created.
Surely if it wasn’t obvious before, it is now: we cannot continue with business as usual, with corporate profit dictating how we live, and where “the economy” is equivalent to business profits rather than the wellbeing of our communities.

I am running with the Victorian Socialists because we aim for local government to take a stand for working people – for working families, young people, retired workers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and the migrant and refugee communities of the West.

If elected to council I will put priority on the issues that matter to working people:

  • Supporting job creation and fighting for jobseeker to be maintained at the current level
  • Fighting for affordable housing - against rental and rate increases and for expanding public housing
  • Campaigning against developers and supporting the preservation and extension of public parks and community grounds
  • Campaigning for better and cheaper public transport options to service the West
  • Opposing the racist media and policing that targets Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, migrant youth and refugees
  • Supporting grassroots community organisations that are fighting to put our planet before profits
  • Expanding support and community services for those in the West that are most in need
  • Supporting public schools and campaigning for an inclusive Footscray Education Precinct that supports all children and young people to learn and grow.