Mass Doorknock in Calwell

Join the Victorian Socialists to help doorknock for our candidate Jerome Small's campaign in Calwell. This will be the first of the big mass door-knocks for our Federal election campaign.

The electorate covers the area around Melbourne airport, through Broadmeadows, and up to Craigieburn. At the state election in November, Jerome received 7.1 percent of the vote in Broadmeadows on the back of a low-key campaign. This was a significant breakthrough for socialist politics in Australia - showing that socialist ideas can resonate with working class communities well beyond the inner suburbs.

With your help, we think we can build on this result and take another step towards establishing the Victorian Socialists as a force in Australian politics and a genuine alternative to the major parties.

A strong vote for the Victorian Socialists in Calwell will send a message to the major parties that they can't continue to ignore the demands of ordinary people. But to get this vote, we're going to need to talk to as many people as possible! If there's one thing the state election taught us, it's that there's absolutely no substitute for knocking on people's doors and having a friendly chat about who we are, and what we stand for.

No previous doorknocking experience necessary. We'll start with a full briefing, tips and tricks, and will team people up with more experienced doorknockers who can show you the ropes.

For more info call Liz Walsh 0405 736 265

  • April 13, 2019 at 12:00pm – 4pm
  • Broadmeadows Town Park
  • 1 person is going
  • Liz Walsh

    0405 736 265

Will you come?