Members conference

2021 Vic Socialists members conference

Victorian Socialists will be holding a members conference on July 17 2021. 

The Federal election may not be until the end of 2021, or even as late as May 2022. But it could also be as early as the end of August this year, so we need to be prepared with our policies, strategy and candidates.

So the main purpose of this conference is to discuss our strategy and policy for the upcoming federal election, and to preselect our candidates. But as with every conference, we will also be discussing wider political issues, and electing people to Vic Socialists leadership positions.

The conference is open to all financial members to attend, vote, move motions, and nominate for elected positions. 

The conference will be held in person, assuming this is allowed under COVID restrictions. If an in person meeting is not possible the conference will be held via Zoom. 

Any financial member of Victorian Socialists can attend, but you need to register to participate. Registration will be open from this page soon.

If you wish to nominate for an elected internal position - either an elected office bearer of Victorian Socialists or member of the Governing Council -  you need to do so before July 14. Nominations will open on June 28.

If you wish to nominate for preselection to be a Vic Socialists candidate for a federal seat, you will need to submit your nomination, along with a declaration about your eligibility to stand under Section 44 of the Constitution. We have extended the deadline for these nominations to July 14. If you have questions about your eligibility please email [email protected] for assistance.

The Executive is recommending to conference that we stand in the Victorian Senate contest, and in 11 lower house seats, covering all of Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs. These lower house seats are: Melbourne, Wills, Cooper, Calwell, Scullin, Fraser, Gellibrand, Maribyrnong, Hawke, Lalor,and Gorton. If you wish to nominate to stand in a different seat you also need to move a motion that Vic Socialists contest that seat.

If you are not yet a member of Victorian Socialists but want to be involved in our campaign to inject a socialist voice into the federal election campaign, it is not too late. Anyone who signs up as a member before the conference is able to participate. You can join here today. 

To find out more about Vic Socialists - what we stand for, how we work, go here.