We're the Victorian Socialists team for the Moreland city council. Our candidates will put people before profit and fight for a better world. We're fighting for tenants' rights in the face of housing insecurity, for solidarity instead of racism and discrimination, and for workers' rights instead of big business profits. Our candidates are community organisers and activists. We're running in the Northwest and South wards. We don't take a cent from corporations and we won't give in to powerful interests.

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Moreland council platform

Support workers struggling in the crisis
  • Maintain JobKeeper & JobSeeker rates and extend to migrant and casual workers.
  • Real rate relief for households in financial stress; increase pensioner rebates
  • Support paid pandemic leave & workers taking action to ensure COVID-safe workplaces.

Affordable housing for all

  • Demand affordable housing quotas in all new multi-level developments.
  • Rent relief for people on JobSeeker & JobKeeper payments.
  • Pressure Minister for Housing to build 10,000 new public housing units in Moreland.

No sell-offs or outsourcing of Council services

  • Reverse privatisation of aged care homes.
  • Expand publicly-run and fully subsidised childcare services.
  • Vote for Councillors who will always oppose outsourcing or selling off Council services, including Home Care and waste removal services.

Equitable, liveable & green development

  • Oppose the “Scorecard” – maintain democratic oversight of new development
  • Opposition to selling off significant public sites such as the Brunswick Market for apartments.
  • Introduce quotas for affordable housing in new multi-level developments.
  • Levy developers to contribute to green spaces & public amenity.

Radical action to meet the Climate Emergency

  • De-invest Council money in fossil fuel industry.
  • Demand State Government builds a recycling plant to end the recycling crisis.
  • Demand developers include quota of trees and green space in new developments.
  • Support the initiatives of Friends of Merri Creek, Friends of Moonee Ponds Creek & support protests initiatives such as the Global Climate Strike.
  • Punitive action for businesses that pollute our land & water ways & those responsible for the factory fires that have choked parts of our city.
  • Transparent review of Moreland Council’s action in response to its declaration of a “Climate Emergency”.

Federal & State Issues: A Councillor is a voice in the debates

  • A Councillor can shine a light on how Federal and State Government policy impact people in our area.
  • A Councillor can be your voice in public debates.
  • A Councillor can organise residents to take a stand on key issues.


  • A Councillor should organise residents & empower them to take action on issues of global significance, such as solidarity action with the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Work with Indigenous and non-white residents to hold the police accountable for harassment.
  • Declare Moreland a safe-haven for refugees. Let them stay.
  • Extend JobKeeper to migrant workers.