Pill testing fundraiser: Gasometer 16.06

Pill testing fundraiser at the Gasometer Hotel on Saturday the 16.06

Following the recent success of the drug testing trials at 'Groovin the Moo' festival in ACT we have joined up with the Victorian Socialists who are backing the campaign here in VIC and The Gasometer Hotel who have offered us this great space to host the event!

Boodzc ------------ / 8pm - 10pm
Moses Carr (live) -- / 10pm - 11pm
Skinny wizard (live) - / 11pm - 12am
Emily Roseman --- / 12am - 1:30am
Takasaki ---------- / 1:30am - 3am

Harm reduction simply makes sense. It saves lives and is a much more sensible and effective approach to dealing with drug issues than using aggressive methods such as sniffer dogs. 

Drug use/abuse is a serious issue in our day and age, so lets not pretend we can get rid of it through out-dated scare tactics. 

~ 80 % of funds raised on the night will go to DanceWize, who were involved in the STA-SAFE pill testing trial at Groovin' The Moo. And 20 % of funds will go towards the Enpsychedelia show on 3CR Community Radio who promote pill testing and harm reduction policies. ~

graphic design: Jordan Schembri

Will you come?