Richmond Meet Up

If you live in or near the Richmond District (Richmond, Burnley, Cremorne, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Clifton Hill) and are looking to get involved with the Victorian Socialists, join us for a social catch up at the Yarra Hotel to discuss with us how the campaign to put a socialist in parliament is going and how you can help.

Victorian Socialists Richmond district volunteers are busy campaigning at local shopping strips, markets
and train stations around the need to renationalise public transport, for an expansion not destruction of public housing, caps on rent and to take on corporate and developer greed.

We're planning to letter box the whole area, doorknock most of it and put on various political forums & fundraising gigs.

The more help we get, the more locals we can reach with our message of putting working class people & the poor before profits.

Call Catherine or message for more info 0499 508 934

Will you come?