HERALD SUN - Socialists call to replace ‘outdated’ Victorian state flag with Eureka flag

Eureka flagStephen Jolly and Sue BoltonSocialists call to replace ‘outdated’ Victorian state flag with Eureka flag 

VICTORIA’S newest political party has called for the official state flag to be replaced by the Eureka Stockade flag.

Article in the Herald Sun

The Victorian Socialists, which recently launched to target this year’s state election, say the current design is outdated and doesn’t reflect modern Victoria.

The flag is a traditional British blue ensign with the southern cross and an imperial crown. It was adopted in 1877 with a minor change to the crown in 1953.

Party spokesman Stephen Jolly said the current flag was embarrassing and irrelevant.

“It reflects the whole colonial, kneel-down-to-the-Queen attitude from the 1800s,’’ he said. “It’s Victorian by name and Victorian by era.

“Many people probably don’t even know what the flag even is.’’

Cr Jolly, who is a long-serving Yarra councillor, said he wanted to prompt public debate about the state’s symbol in 2018.

“We are going out to the world and saying to people ‘come to Victoria’ to invest and this is our flag. It’s embarrassing.’’

The Eureka flag has become a modern-day symbol for workers and democratic protest since it was created by rebel miners on the goldfields of Ballarat in 1854.

The theme and colours of the cross and stars is also used by the City of Ballarat and Federation University.

Cr Jolly is planning to win a Northern Metropolitan Upper House seat in the state election in November. The party is aiming to win support from disaffected voters on the left of the political spectrum.

The party will be formally registered with the Victorian Electoral Commission next month. The Socialists have secured more than 500 enrolled members to qualify for party status.