Build Homes Not Prisons

Despite being flush with cash, Victoria has the lowest per capita funding for mental health services in Australia and is destroying public housing to hand it over to private property developers.   Continue reading

State government contracts should only go to companies which respect industry standards

The Victorian Socialists supports giving contracts only to companies which respect the industry standards set by the CFMEU, ETU, PTEU and AMWU Continue reading

Save Our Pubs

Melbourne’s best-loved pubs are under threat, as the city’s apartment-led speculative property boom, booms on and on. In the CBD, corner pubs that have stood and served for more than 150 years now have developers licking their lips, and proposing mega-towers that either see the pub demolished or reduced to a façade. This must stop. Continue reading

Van T Rudd Gaza mural

A mural by Victorian Socialists member Van T Rudd of Palestinian medic Razan al Najjar and protester Fadi Abusalah, both murdered by Israeli Defense Force snipers, was completed last night in Kensington, Australia. Continue reading

CUB strike commemoration

Tonight Stephen Jolly was at the 2nd year anniversary of the stunning victory of ETU and AMWU-organized workers in the strike at the Carlton United Brewery in Abbotsford - Australia's biggest brewery. Continue reading

Grocon guilty of killing three pedestrians: why we need industrial manslaughter laws

We need industrial manslaughter laws in Victoria now, Andrews Labor has ‘promised’ them post-election; why the delay? The Victorian Socialists will fight for these laws as a priority.  Continue reading

'Public renewal program' nothing but a giveaway to private property developers

The Andrews government’s ‘public housing renewal’ programme is a giveaway to private developers. ‘Affordable housing’ deals are being flouted and the priorities of public housing tenants on inner-city estates count for nothing. Photo credit: Herald Sun at Ascot Vale Public Housing Estate. Continue reading

Victorian Socialists successfully register as a political party

The Victorian Socialists is now a registered political party. Thank you to everyone who joined and did all the paper work to make it official. Continue reading

Andrews & the Transurban Corporate Vulture

Guess who sits atop this Transurban corporate vulture? Continue reading

Build Schools not Prisons

With an election on the horizon, the Andrews government has announced $353 million for 12 new schools. But experts say this is only half of what is needed to meet the enrolment boom. Continue reading