The bushfires over the summer of 2019/20 have been unprecedented in the scale of destruction of forests and wildlife. Climate change is now impinging indiscriminately on the lives of working people across the country. Bushfires have encroached on the suburbs of major cities, holidays have degenerated into mass-escapes from fire fronts and the air has become a toxic haze in which employers still expect us to work. Meanwhile Liberal and Labor politicians, the political representatives of capitalism, would rather watch the country burn than let their profits take a hit. They have doubled down on their commitment to climate destroying fossil fuel projects including the Adani mine, drilling for oil in the Bight and potential new coal fired power, while at a state level, mega-roads cut swathes through suburbs and the government is lifting the ban on gas drilling to allow the commercial exploitation of fossil gas in the waters near the Otways.


Victorian Socialists members have been throwing themselves into organising the climate justice fightback. There are three events coming up on the calendar that we strongly encourage members to attend:


National Day of Action for Climate Justice (Climate Justice Alliance) 

Saturday 22 February 2020, 2PM at the State Library Melbourne

“2019 was the year the climate crisis became impossible to ignore for millions.

Now savage fires are devastating peoples’ lives, water shortages are pushing many towns to crisis point, millions have endured weeks or months of hazardous air quality, and over a billion native animals have been killed ... we need to address the cause of this climate crisis and start making drastic reductions to greenhouse gas emissions in Australia and globally.”


University Students Climate Strike (Uni Students for Climate Justice) 

Friday 13 March 2020, 1PM at the State Library Melbourne 

“Fossil fuel corporations responsible for a warming planet get billions in government subsidies while those affected by the bushfires get next to nothing. Coal and gas projects are expanding. We need mass, radical action to challenge the political and economic status quo.”


National #ClimateStrike (School Strike 4 Climate) 

Friday 15  May 2020, Carlton Gardens, 12PM

“Our government isn’t listening to the people, so we need to organise and mobilise like never before to transform our politics. And point it towards climate justice. “


Wear your Victorian Socialists t-shirt proudly, and hit the streets to be part of the fight back. And while you’re putting the above mobilisations in your calendar, don’t forget to save the date for the Victorian Socialists conference on April 18, where climate justice will be part of the agenda.