Put a socialist in the Victorian parliament

Our political system is broken. Anyone can see the Liberals rule for their corporate mates whenever they are in office, but Labor is little better. No wonder people are tuned out, pissed off, or voting for crazy far right parties. It's time the left offered a real alternative.

The Victorian Socialists, a coalition of unionists, community activists and socialists, has come together because we think it's time there was a socialist voice in the Victorian parliament. Our main focus is the upper house electorate of Northern Metro, where we aim to get Yarra councillor, community campaigner and construction worker Stephen Jolly elected to one of the 5 spots. We are also running candidates in upper house seats across the state, including in Western Victoria, where former Geelong Trades Hall secretary Tim Gooden is our lead candidate. On top of that we are running in 18 lower house seats.

Watch the video below to hear more about our campaign, or read our manifesto to find out about our policies.

Get involved!

Over the past few weeks we have knocked on more than 50,000 doors, letterboxed hundreds of thousands of homes, and handed out tens of thousands of flyers at train stations and community events. Hundreds of people across the northern suburbs have put signs outside their houses supporting our campaign. Our volunteers have put huge numbers of posters up across Melbourne. But now the big money of the major parties is kicking in, with TV ads, endless press coverage, and massive billboards plastered all over town. They have the corporate donations, but we have our message and our people. In the lead up to November 24, we need every one of our supporters to do what they can to help us get over the line.

If you can help us on polling day - November 24 - please sign up now  - there are over 150 booths to staff across Northern Metro and we need to cover every one!

If you can donate, please do so - every dollar counts! If you can help with letterboxing, leafleting, postering, staffing pre-poll booths or doorknocking, please sign up on our volunteer page