Join the campaign to get socialist councillor Stephen Jolly elected in Northern Metro at the November 2018 state election

Our political system is broken. Anyone can see the Liberals rule for their corporate mates whenever they are in office, but Labor is little better. No wonder people are tuned out, pissed off, or voting for crazy far right parties. It's time the left offered a real alternative.

In the November 2018 state election, Victorian socialists and left wingers  are coming together to get Yarra Councillor Stephen Jolly elected to the Victorian parliament. Watch the video below explaining what the campaign is about - and how you can get involved.

Get involved!

We have now submitted our party registration papers with the Victorian Electoral Commission. Thanks to all those who signed up to help make that possible. Now comes the hard part - getting out there to talk to people about what a socialist in parliament could do for politics in this state. If we are going to succeed, we will need hundreds of volunteers to be part of the campaign over the coming months. Click here to join the campaign and be a part of it!