Labor government to give $400 m to private schools

Today's announcement by the Andrews government, that they will pour $400 million into private schools, will only entrench already existing inequalities in the education system. Our demands include: * No state funding of private schools. * Increase funding for a first class public education system. Continue reading

Lawyer & comedian Corinne Grant endorses the Victorian Socialists

"I'm thrilled that Steve Jolly and his Victorian Socialists team are running in the Victorian election." Continue reading

Let Chelsea Manning In

We must oppose this attack on free-speech and demand Chelsea Manning be let into Australia. Chelsea Manning is a hero for exposing US war crimes. For standing up to empire, she was jailed for years. She is now a prominent activist around issues of surveillance, data privacy and trans rights. This week, Manning is meant to be coming to Australia for a speaking tour. But the Australian government has said they will block her entry by denying Manning a visa. Continue reading

Aran Mylvaganam's speech at Scott Morrison protest

  Aran Mylvaganam, Victorian Socialists member and Tamil Refugee Council spokesperson delivered this speech at yesterday's refugee rights protest. It's a powerful reminder of Scott Morrison's many crimes. Continue reading

Labor privatise Land Registry

  Labor have been in office for 14 of the last 18 years and have done nothing to reverse the disastrous privatisations of the Kennett era. They've also continued to privatise services and infrastructure. They've privatised the Port of Melbourne, disability services and now the Land Title and Registry for $2.86. Continue reading

Return Hosier Lane to the people!

Return Hosier Lane to the people!Oppose the crackdown on street art. Continue reading

Scott Morrison must be resisted

Amanda Vanstone, the former Liberal Senator said on the ABC today: “People say Dutton stopped the boats, but that’s actually not true, Morrison did.” This just highlights how rotten the entire Liberal Party, the party of the rich and powerful, is. As the former Immigration Minister, Morrison has his hands covered in the blood of the refugees he's tortured in offshore detention camps. Continue reading

Stephen Jolly and the importance of international solidarity

  Here is a great pic of our candidate Stephen Jolly doing what he does best - speaking to and marching alongside striking workers.   Continue reading

Stand up to the fascists

Victorian Socialists share the outrage of many at the speech made by Fraser Anning last night. We do not believe his use of the term “final solution”, in the context of a speech calling for a return to the White Australia policy, can be interpreted in any way other than as a conscious invocation of Goebbels and the Nazi Holocaust. This was a fascist speech. Continue reading

Save Community Mental Health

There is a crisis for many people with disabilities. Some people with disabilities are being rejected for NDIS, but being immediately cut off state government community mental health services and local council home and community care services. The Australian Services Union estimates that 91% of Victorians with severe mental health needs won't be eligible for NDIS. Continue reading