Sally Capp breaks promise on public transport

Sally Capp, the former Property Council executive elected as mayor, hasn't been in office long, but she's already breaking promises on public transport. Having promised in the campaign to extend the free tram zone to the whole of the Melbourne municipality - which would extend its benefits to low income residents in Flemington and other areas outside the CBD - she's already given up on the idea, saying that the state government won't cooperate, and cashing in her ticket. Continue reading

One in seven students skipping meals

One in seven uni students regularly go without food to keep up with other living costs, a new survey has found. Newstart and Youth Allowance haven't been increased in real terms for nearly 25 years, and are currently below the poverty line. Meanwhile, the government has cut $2.2 billion from universities, is slashing corporate taxes and pouring $200 billion into the defence industry over the next decade. Both major parties have attacked higher education and consigned students to poverty. We need to build up the political forces in this country like the Victorian Socialists that will campaign to make education free again. Continue reading

Melbourne band Mammal supports Victorian Socialists

  Huge thanks to Mammal's Ezekiel Ox for the shout out at last night's show. While hundreds of fans are no doubt sending round pictures of Zeke in mirror ball helmet, anti-fascist t-shirt, self-illuminated fluffy jacket, or no top at all, we especially appreciate this shot -- Zeke in a Vic Socialists T-shirt. Vic Soc volunteers talked to a bunch of interested punters after the gig, signed up a couple of new members, and sold a bit of merch. We want to hook in with more bands and venues, so if you're a supporter of the Victorian Socialists, let us know when your next gig is.

On the picket line in Craigieburn

Victorian Socialists candidates Stephen Jolly and Sue Bolton joined the picket at Note Printing Australia in Craigieburn early this morning. Continue reading

Support for Victorian Socialists from trade unions

Since Victorian Socialists launched a couple of months ago our lead candidate, Stephen Jolly, has addressed striking workers at Laverton Cold Storage (pictured) and at Merri Community Health. Tomorrow he will attend a strike of printing workers at The Mint, 1/9 Potter St, Craigieburn who are fighting for a decent EA. Continue reading

Books Not Bombs

On Thursday Stephen Jolly will be speaking at the campaign launch of Disarm Melbourne Uni Students at the University of Melbourne are protesting the investments and contracts that exist on campus between the Uni and arms manufacturers.  Continue reading

Climate change disaster: We need to transition to 100% renewables

It is time for action that targets the corporate interests that are preventing urgent action to address climate change. Victorian Socialists believe that it will be quicker to transition to 100% renewable energy by bringing the energy industry back into public hands to make the transition without private profit interests getting in the road. Continue reading

Rent is too damn high!

After four years of foot dragging, the Andrews government has finally announced they will introduce a bill outlining their supportable if modest reforms for tenants. However, they do nothing to address the key concern of renters: rising cost. Rents have increased at almost double the growth in household income in a decade. We need a cap on rents. This exists in cities like New York, Singapore and Berlin – why not here in Melbourne?

Walmer Street Bridge

After months of community pressure, Labor announced last night that they will fund a feasibility study for an upgraded bridge. This is yet another example of the power of community mobilisation, which no doubt was amplified by the fact half of the bridge is in a marginal seat. 

End the privatisation of school cleaning

"Toilets so dirty that children endure the discomfort of holding on rather than using the amenities. Overflowing rubbish bins. Filthy and clogged drinking fountains. Classrooms with mud on the floor." - The Age, 2 August 2018. School cleaning and maintenance were privatised under Jeff Kennett as part of his attack on public schools. It's time to end the outsourcing and underfunding of this essential service. It's failed our kids, teachers and the workers in the industry.