16.5 percent of homeless people work full-time

A comment that is often directed at homeless people is “Go and get a job”. The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures that were released on 24 July show that 16.5% of homeless people are working full-time. That means that 28,600 homeless people in Australia work full time. Continue reading

Hamid Khazaei should still be alive

Refugee Hamid Khazaei would still be alive if the Australian Border Force officials had followed requests by doctors to have Hamid transferred to Australia for medical treatment. These are the findings of the Queensland Coroners Court.   Continue reading

Stephen Jolly speaks at CUB 55 rally

Two years ago to the day our candidate Stephen Jolly whose a CFMEU member & construction worker was addressing a union rally at the CUB picket in Abbotsford. The site was 200 metres down the road from his construction site where the union had raised loads of money for the dispute. The determined struggle of the CUB 55 and the wider union movement led to an important victory for our side over greedy bosses. We need people like Stephen Jolly in parliament who are fighters for workers' rights.

Rally against anti-African racism

500 people took a stand today in solidarity with the Sudanese and all African communities. We gathered in front of the Channel 7 HQ to oppose the racist depiction of the Sudanese community by mainstream media and to denounce the racist law and order hysteria from both sides of mainstream politics.   Continue reading

Warning: Dangerous Gang Leaders

  WARNING: Dangerous Gang Leaders!!A new mural by Victorian Socialists member Van T Rudd. This has just gone up in Kensington, Victoria, Australia. It's behind Doutta Gala Hotel, Brock Way car park. Text says: ‘Warning: Highly Dangerous Criminal Gang Leaders. Wanted for: Stoking racism to win elections; Using racism to divide and distract us as they steal from the poor and give to the rich’. Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton once again have fabricated 'African Gangs' hysteria. We all know who the gangsters are don't we. Don't forget there's a protest in solidarity with African Communities in Melbourne, 2pm this Saturday, Channel 7 headquarters. See this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/199701817324202/?ti=cl$

Scrap all anti-association laws

Risk of jail for teenagers who have committed no crime. Liberal party politician Matthew Guy associates with key mafia figures, politicians are free to associate with white collar criminals but young teenagers who associate with any person who has committed a crime, could be jailed for three years if new Victorian laws get passed. The government is alarmingly attempting to extend the anti-association laws that have been used against bikies to teenagers as young as 14. Continue reading

Darebin Community Friends of Public Housing

We welcome the formation of a new public housing group, Darebin Community Friends of Public Housing, which has been established to fight the sell-off of the Walker Street public housing estate in Northcote and to amplify the voices of public housing residents. The Victorian Socialists wholeheartedly endorses their statement:   Continue reading

Video of speeches from "Build Homes not Prisons" meeting

  Speeches from the Build Homes Not Prisons public meeting, co-hosted with the Atherton Gardens Residents Association.

Labor takes the north for granted

PACKED IN LIKE SARDINES, TREATED LIKE MUSHROOMS - LABOR FINDS 10 BILLION FOR AN AIRPORT LINK, NOTHING FOR THE NORTH You've got to hand it to the Andrews government - their capacity to insult the working people of Melbourne's north. Their bold announcement that they are proceeding with a $10 billion rail link for Melbourne airport commits to a project that is decades overdue - and yet shows the lack of commitment to improving public transport for everyday travel for working Melbourne.   Continue reading

Broadmeadows: Parkland for communities not developers

Broadmeadows state Labor MP Frank McGuire locked out representatives of the Broadmeadows Progress Association when they tried to deliver a letter to him on Monday. People are upset that the state government wants to sell off the old Nicholas St Primary School. Since the school was demolished, the space has been used by local people as a local park. It is the accessible open space for people in that area. With old factories like the Yakka factory to be converted over 100 apartments, there is a need for open space. Continue reading