Video - Colleen Bolger at Palestine solidarity rally

Colleen Bolger, Victorian Socialists candidate, at the Nakba protest in Melbourne on Saturday 19/05/18. Continue reading

CFMEU vindicated, say Victorian Socialists

"Today’s legal win for the CFMEU marks the best 7 days for the trade union movement for many years” said Victorian Socialists leader and rank and file CFMEU member Stephen Jolly. Continue reading

Video - Launching the Victorian Socialists campaign

Participants at the Victorian Socialists campaign launch on May 12 talk about why it is worth fighting to put a socialist voice in parliament. Continue reading

Big donation to Victorian Socialists from ETU

A big thank-you to the ETU State Council for generously donating $50,000 to our campaign to put a socialist and proud trade unionist in parliament. This support and solidarity will make all the difference. Continue reading

Ascot Vale housing estate protest

Victorian Socialists attended and spoke at a protest today at the Ascot Vale housing estate. The protest was the first organised by a new local tenants group SAVE, Save Ascot Vale Estate. Congratulations go to the residents for making their voices heard! Continue reading

Labor's budget ignores housing crisis

After years of campaigning by unions, community groups and activists for more social investment into Victoria by Labor, the Andrews government has delivered a budget that puts some of the proceeds of the state’s growth back into public life. Increased investment in public transport, health and education are to be welcomed. But in an election year, the Andrews government has gone for low-hanging fruit, and avoided the challenges that the people of Victoria face. That’s especially so for the north of Melbourne, contained in the Northern Metro upper house area. Continue reading

Victorian Socialists submit VEC registration application

Yesterday the Victorian Socialists handed our application for party registration to the Victorian Electoral Commission. Continue reading

VIDEO - Colleen Bolger at #changetherules mass delegates meeting

Victorian Socialists' Colleen Bolger at the mass delegates meeting today to support the trade union campaign to #changetherules. We need to win back our right to strike, restore penalty rates and fight for job security.  Continue reading

"Free market" fails the northern suburbs

“Today’s Business Council of Australia jobs forum has no solution to the jobs crisis in the Broadmeadows region”, said Victorian Socialists state election candidate and Yarra councillor Stephen Jolly. Continue reading

VIDEO - Anneke Demanuele speaks at protest against higher education cuts

Students across the country took to the streets today to protest the Federal government's $2.2 billion cut to higher education funding. Continue reading