VIDEO - Anneke Demanuele speaks at protest against higher education cuts

Students across the country took to the streets today to protest the Federal government's $2.2 billion cut to higher education funding. Continue reading

VIDEO - Stephen Jolly addresses Atherton Gardens public housing protest

Residents of Fitzroy’s massive Atherton Gardens public housing estate rallied, marched, and then occupied the local office of the Housing Department on Brunswick St. Continue reading

VIDEO - Aran Mylvaganam speaks out for refugee rights

Listen to Aran Mylvaganam, spokesperson for the Tamil Refugee Council and a proud member of the Victorian Socialists, speaking out against bipartisan cruelty at the Batman refugee rights protest. It's a powerful and moving call to action. Continue reading

VIDEO - "Fighting women need strong unions and strong unions need militant women"

"Fighting women need strong unions and strong unions need militant women" - Colleen Bolger, Victorian Socialists candidate, at the International Women's Day march in Melbourne.    Continue reading

VIDEO - Don't let Malcolm Turnbull ban the Eureka flag

Stephen Jolly, Victorian Socialists candidate, speaks out against Malcolm Turnbull's drive to ban the Eureka flag and all union symbols from construction sites.  Continue reading